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Whether it be for business or pleasure, make sure you are getting value for your money when you are travelling overseas.

Vodafone Traveller

This is a great new plan for using your mobile overseas. The zone-based pricing is specially designed to make calls more affordable overseas. Vodafone Traveller simplifies roaming costs and offers you the certainty of always knowing what you're paying.

How does it work?

The world's been split into 4 zones

  • Home Zone - New Zealand and Singapore.
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific and North America
  • Rest of World

Each zone has its own price structure, so that all you have to do is switch on your phone and Vodafone will automatically find the right network for you.

  • One rate to make a call in each zone
  • One rate to receive a call globally
  • One rate per country

To set up Vodafone Traveller free call 1555 (Vodafone Customer Care) within Australia. Or call 1300 650 410 (standard charges apply within Australia).

Because of the different arrangements Vodafone has with some countries, it may be better to use the default roaming prices of Vodafone World when travelling to Thailand, United Arab Emirates or South Africa.