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BYO number and moving to Vodafone

Currently under contract with another carrier?
Call us to discuss your options! There are plenty of ways we help bring you over to Vodafone.

Got a bit of an attachment to your current mobile number?
Don't worry, you can bring your current number with you from the other carrier, so your contact details stay the same.

It's easy to do, ask one of our Redfox consultants how by calling 1300 2REDFOX.

Loyalty Delights

We like to reward you just for sticking with Vodafone. From time to time you could receive goodies such as magazine subscriptions, free TXT and bonus credit - we call them Delights. It's the Vodafone way of saying thanks.

Refer your friends and save!

Vodafone offer great rewards for spreading the good word about their fantastic product. Get a free month worth of phone bills for your business (conditions apply).