redfox mobile outfox the competition authorised vodafone dealer

I have been involved with the Vodafone network for a little over 3 years. Whilst skeptical at first the saving indicated was too good not to consider a better look at what the company offered.

This was my introduction to the team at Redfox. Originally with Telstra for land and mobile services the team at Redfox sat down and completed a comprehensive analysis of our bills and discovered that we could save up to 60% on our current expenditure. To date we have had a mix of users from 10 down as low as 5 at different times and I have not once exceeded any of my caps. I also have saved additional dollars by switching to the new Redfox landline service. Integrated alongside the SMS data base service, its one company for all of my telco needs.

The ease and comfort that Redfox and Vodafone provide, allows me time to spend with my customers ensuring that their needs are fulfilled and I am not ending up with a huge phone bill. It was a win win for all concerned.

At Redfox you are not a customer number in the computer, but a customer with needs, something that all of the Redfox team are able to deliver every time and all the time.

If you are thinking of switching your services to the Vodafone network then I would highly recommend Redfox mobile and land line services for that personalised touch and expert service. Their knowledge of the mobile market has certainly assisted me to provide a better service to my customers and I have saved money doing so. I would have no hesitation in recommending Redfox for all your telecommunication needs.

Brett Grove
Managing Director
Upside Building Pty Ltd

We have been using the Vodafone system now for a little over 6 months and were approached by Redfox Mobile to join this network. It has proven to be a very good decision as we have cut our total phone bill by over 60%. Previously we had the land lines in store and then 6 other mobiles with different carriers. The cost just for the mobiles alone was over $2000 per month. We are currently running 16 phones through Redfox and our bill has never exceeded the cap of $599. The majority of our calls for 12 of these phones are made Vodafone to Vodafone and the other 4 phones used by Directors and wives have calls going through many networks. The free calls between each phone takes away the thought of having to pay for every phone call and means you do not have to rush through your call.

What has impressed about Redfox more than anything is the level of customer service provided by their team. It is second to none and the service is always prompt and efficient. More important is that you are dealing with some local who understands your needs.

I can thoroughly recommend Redfox and Vodafone to any business owner with multiple phones looking to improve the telecommunication process between stores and ultimately saving money.

Glen Francis
Transit Clothing